THE COLOR OF MUD… Paint and texture at the same time

Want to streamline your next texture paint job?

Do what the faux pros do… mix the mud with the colorant on the front end and cut your time down considerably.

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For one standard sized room you will need:

  • 3 different colors from the same color family (usually 1-2 shades apart)
  • 1 gallon of each color
  • 3 standard sized boxes of joint compound
  • 1 10-12″ joint compound knives
  • 3 joint compound pans
  • 3 five gallon buckets
  • 1 drill (you can also mix it by hand, but a drill may be faster and more thorough)

1-Pour a different color into each bucket.

2-Add one box of joint compound to each bucket and mix thoroughly.

3-Pour the mixtures into separate joint compound pans.

4-Starting at the top of the wall and head down. Working in 5’x5′ spaces, use the two darker colors, and randomly apply “cow splotches”

5-Now, take the third color (the lightest color) and blend into the splotches, creating your desired texture.

Do you realize you have just textured… and painted your wall with one process?

If you want a raw looking texture, you can leave it unsealed. However, for a smoother feel, you can brush and roll a latex sealer. Or you can use a rag to apply wax for a richer sheen.

Coming next… we’ll talk about how to stain with the wax sealer.

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InvisiPlates Stand Out by blending in

in haute water!

Invisiboards at Work

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InvisiPlates are textured, primed, ready-to-paint switchplates and outlet covers that complete the look you are trying to create. Don’t distract from the beautiful colors and techniques you have achieved. For a finishing touch that stands out by blending in, step up to the plate with InvisiPlate.

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InvisiBoards change lives

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Decorators and painters have a new friend on the way… InvisiBoards are textured, primed and ready to paint. These portable paint sample boards allow painters and decorators to show clients color samples on each wall of their space, in different lights, textures and colors. They save on time, frustration and resources. Send an email to for more information.

how to paint plaztex’s revolutionary InvisiPlates

See the InvisiPlates for yourself, as one of our faux pros teaches you how to apply the paint.

Real tricks from the faux pros coming soon.

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